If you've avoided Travel Nursing assignments or Jobs because you were unwilling to leave your loved ones behind, then be sure to read this article. Not only do Travel Nurses get to visit many exciting locations and meet new people all over the country, they can do so while earning a considerable salary. Re-location can be pretty frequent as travel assignments typically run for about 13 weeks. The good news is despite the relatively long time span of assignments, many Travel Nurse Agencies do take into account that nurses have families and are willing to work out arrangements that are accommodating.

If you have children, you can still be a successful travel nurse. There are even advantages to travel nursing that will positively affect your children's lives, such as providing them the opportunity to experience many parts of the country. While your children get to travel, your successful nursing career will provide you with an excellent salary and benefits. Travel Nursing Salaries are usually 10%-15% higher than typical pay of regular staff nurses. In addition to the higher salary, recruiting agencies are sometimes able to provide free housing for your family, or assist you in locating additional rooms or alternative housing for family members.

Other travel nursing agencies try to provide travel nurses with placements customized to their individual lifestyles and requirements, such as flexible shift times that allow them to spend more time with their families. Often times travel nurses choose to home school their children and married couples who both travel have the option to arrange their work schedules so that one of them is home to take care of kids while the other is on a travel nursing assignment. There are even some travel nurse jobs that last up to 9 months so that a child would be able to attend the same school for an entire year. It's possible that with some research and scheduling, a traveling nurse can have a great career while raising their family.
Due to the ongoing nursing shortage, there is a huge demand for qualified nurses nationwide. Many healthcare staffing agencies and travel nurse recruiting agencies are looking to hire qualified travel nurses to fill in staffing positions, and finding adequate housing for nurses and families is not a difficult task. Extra needs and requirements, such as pets and larger spaces can easily be accommodated. Don't hesitate to learn more about travel nursing and the great benefits that go along with it: great compensation, excellent health care coverage, and many others. If you're currently a travel nurse or would like to find out more information about travel nursing jobs, now is an excellent time to pursue this fast growing and popular health field.
Now you're in the know, instead of trying to be a hospital nurse, start your own career as a Travel Nurse

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